Mississippi Sheiks Tribute Album – Friday, May 02, 2008

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Greetings… I’ll be blogging a bit about this recording I’m spearheading for our label, Black Hen Music. It’s a tribute album to one of my very favourite groups, the Mississippi Sheiks. The were active in the early to mid-1930’s, and recorded a reasonable amount of tunes in that time, most of them fantastic ones. They had real crossover appeal and were one of the best selling artists of their time, but now they’re long forgotten…. or are they?

Anyway, I’ve rounded up a very top-notch cast of characters from all over the world to contribute a song to this recording. Some of which I will be recording, some I won’t. But I guess I’ll be doing the bulk of it, and you can keep informed on this project here. It will be quite gradual, I think, as scheduling for this many people is really hard. Some will be done in Vancouver, some in Ontario, some in Los Angeles and who knows where else.

I don’t want to say everyone involved yet, but some of the first people who we’ll be recording are John Hammond, the Carolina Chocolate Drops, Oh Susanna and Van Dyke Parks, Bob Brozman, and Kelly Joe Phelps.

Stay tuned for some clips and photos as these sessions take shape in various cities, studios, homes and hotel rooms over the next few months.


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