Mississippi Sheiks Tribute Album – Monday, May 19, 2008

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Well, we kicked things off in style and started to spread the word about this album. We wanted to get people talking about it a bit, and also try to raise some more money, which we need to pull off the project. We invited a bunch of friends, musicians, some investors, and some people from the media to let them know what we’re up to, and who’s involved. We played a few tunes of the Sheiks, including “The World is Goin’ Wrong”, “Blood In My Eyes For You”, and “He Calls That Religion”. Jim Byrnes sang one and so did the Sojourners. Both Jim and The Sojourners will be part of the project, and are our local Vancouver connection.

For a few photos of the shindig, go to my photos and look at the “Mississippi Sheiks Party” photo album.

In further project news, we have nailed down the first session for this album which will be two songs, done in August. It will feature the Carolina Chocolate Drops on one song, and the legendary John Hammond on the other. The Chocolate Drops will also be the backup band for John Hammond, which is certainly a first. Can’t wait to record that one…

Also, our pals at Hero Hill posted a blog about the project, which you can check out here…

Hero Hill Blog

Currently reading/watching/listening/playing:
Stop and Listen
By Mississippi Sheiks
Release date: 1995-01-01


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