Shuyler Session Day 4 – Saturday, February 10, 2007

On to day ..4. It’s hopefully our last full band day – the studio is booked for 1 more day that we can use for overdubs, but I’d really like to get all the beds done. There are 5 more tunes to track, but we end up cutting one by the end of the day, so we’re down to 12 that need to get done, and we’re finished 8 at this point.

The day starts with just me and sheldon, and I want to get down to some guitar overdubs. We only have an hour or so before everyone shows up, so I just start calling the tunes form the top of my list. As we’re recording, I’m keeping track of things I want to record, or at least try, and if we have time, I’ll get to most of them sometime in the next couple of days.

The tunes we get to in the hour are:
“today’s remains” (some tremolo electric guitar and weissenborn)

“windswept” (some weird lap steel and mandotar)

“rivals” (some effected electric guitars – mostly textural stuff)

“bottle of wine” (a couple of small parts and some very obnoxious eletcric guitar melody that will end up getting doubled by a moog to mellow it out… if it works)

“don’t wanna sing a happy song” (some twangy tremolo, and then keith showed up and we doubled his acoustic bass with an electric bass)

I moved my fender deluxe amp into the main tracking room and was able to crank it up, which is very gratifying. When we did live tracking, I kept my amp fairly quiet so it wouldn;t end up all over the drum mics, etc, but wasn’t always happy with the tones. I could either crank it and deal with the bleeding sounds onto other instruments, or record a track of direct guitar. That’s what I ended up doing, which leaves you with a cheesy sounding direct guitar signal, but when everyone’s gone, I can “re-amp” the guitar which means you just run that direct recorded sound back into an amp, so I can actually adjust the amplifier while my live parts are playing. If the result is better than the quiter recorded one, we’ll just replace it.

After an hour of guitar fun, everyone is here, and we start on the final 4 songs.

We do “Chief”, “Play Fair” “Happy Song” and “Pegasus”
Anyway, it’s a really good day with some killer ideas flowing and some really solid takes of those 4 tunes. On the breaks, we get down to a few other overdubs (no breaks for some of us!). To save time, we do some doubling up of overdubs – shaker and guitar, or organ and bass.

Chris Gestrin is scary on all his keyboards. We actually found one mistake and revelled in it. We listened to it 4 or 5 times. Then he fixed it.

Some more percussion overdubs, and we wrap it up with all 12 songs tracked. Tomorrow is the last studio day and I hope to get shuyler’s acoustic guitar parts redone and some vocal action.

photos and sounds to come….


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