Ndidi Onukwulu – “the contradictor”

This was a fun one that had alot of live tracks kept for the final recording. There were quite a few musicians involved, but the main group involved was Ndidi on vocals, Roey Shamesh on bass, me and Paul Pigat on guitars, Tyson Naylor on keys, Jesse Zubot on fiddle and Barry Mirochnik on drums. We also had Derry Byrne and JP Carter in on trumpet, and Bill Runge on saxes and clarinet.

All of Ndidi’s vocals were recorded live without exception. We sectioned her off in the live room to minimize drum bleed, and used her own live vocal mic because she was really used to the sound.

Nididi writes on the guitar, but isn’t really a guitar player, so she makes up alot of her own chords, most of which I’ve never seen before. So we spent quite a bit of time looking at the tunes and how she wrote them, and how to interpret the chords she wrote to sing the songs to. That was a fun process, and I like seeing what people can come up with without knowing the technical in’s and out’s of an instrument.

Some of the tunes I would just play the chords that she invented, and some I would interpret to more straight ahead guitar chords.

We did some work at the Henhouse on this – alot of backup vocals, and some editing, rhythm tracks and a few solos, but all the band tracks, most of the solos, the horns, and all of ndidi’s vocals were done at the factory in 5 days.

Check out the photos for some action shots and more details on instruments/mics used….


~ by stevedawson on October 12, 2008.

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