Mississippi Sheiks Tribute Album – Part 7

We’re kind of in the home stretch now for recording… there’s a big session coming up next week in Seattle that I’m really excited about, and a few of the other tracks are trickling in from other artists. The North Mississippi Allstars just completed a track on their own, and it’s a great honour to have them, and a really integral part of anything to do with Mississippi music is their dad Jim Dickinson, who played on tons of great reocords, and produced alot of amazing recordings over the years. They did a version of “It’s Backfiring Now”, and I have yet to hear it! Should be arriving any day now.

The other tracks I’m working on are for Jim Byrnes, and we did a song with him during the recording of his new CD about a mo th ago. We did a version of “Jailbird Love Song”, one of my favourite Sheiks tunes.

Stephen Hodges played drums, who was amazing to work with – he played on alot of the mid-80’s Tom Waits albums that I really love and now plays in Mavis Staples’ band. He  brought the biggest kick drum I have ever seen, and used 3 snares (not all at once) – no toms or anything. WE had mics all over the kit though – Green Hornet harmonica mics actually sitting on the drums, feeding a small guitar amp, so the sounds are pretty nasty… it was great! I’m going to record someone singing harmony vocals on that one later.

Still working on the Oh Susanna/Van Dyke Parks track too. It’s done, but I still have to get the viola parts done on Van Dyke’s arrangement, and haven’t had time for a while. Hopefully in the next few weeks.

The SEattle session will be a blast – I’ll post some pictures and info as that session unfolds. IN 2 days days we will record The Sojourners, Ndidi Onukwulu, a song of mine, Bruce Cockburn, Del Rey, Madeleine Peyroux, Kelly Joe Phelps, and Robin Holcomb. There is a house band on the first day which will be me, Keith Lowe on bass, Matt Chamberlain on drums, and Wayne Horvitz on keyboards. A really amazing band of Seattle-ites! At that point, this album will be about 90% done and we’ll just have finishing touches and a few other tracks to take care of to wrap it all up.

Stay tuned!

More info and order the CD here…


~ by stevedawson on November 2, 2008.

3 Responses to “Mississippi Sheiks Tribute Album – Part 7”

  1. Steve,although I’m from the states,I listen to the CBC alot. I just heard your disc about the “Sheiks”. All I can say is,people get outta ma way,cause I’ma on ma way to buy it.

  2. Steve,

    I want to buy this disc for my son. Where do I get it?


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